Never underestimate the power of a good jewel to uplift a look. Whether small and minimal or extra and art deco, a bit of dazzle and sparkle will attract good vibes and ward off lacklustre energy. A show-stopping jewel can be your best friend in combating those days of monotony. Not to mention, especially after being trapped at home for a year - you've probably thrown on some earrings or a necklace right before an important Zoom meeting and called it a day. As we swapped our gorgeous dresses for comfortable lounge sets and fluffy thick socks, our jewellery stayed locked away.

Now that fashion month has been, we have curated and listed a few key jewellery trends from the 2021 Runways that you will want to start wearing immediately! Whether you're a minimalist or maximalist when it comes to accessories, there's a trend for you that you can incorporate into your jewellery collection. These ideas will surely infuse a bit of colour and dazzle to the comfort cardigans and monochromatic dresses and coats of the Autumn. From textured gold pieces to chain designs and shoulder-dusting chandelier earrings, these styles will have you covered no matter what occasion you're dressing for.

Sparkly Chandelier Earrings

With earrings this shimmery, you won't need to wear any other jewels with your outfit.

Thick Chokers

Remember choker necklaces? Same. We still love them, and instead of thin, dainty ones, try out ones in a thicker variation.

Textured Metals

Add some texture to your jewels with a crushed metal look, little or large, they’ll be surely be noticed!

Statement Earrings

Your earrings will be the centre of attention with any one of these extremely large, hard-to-miss styles.

Single Earrings

Promise it won't look like you accidentally forgot to put one in. Mix and match or wear one solo, these are coming to our range very soon!

Long Chain Necklaces

Chain necklaces have been huge recently...and they're getting even longer! Not to mention, they're perfect for layering with all the styles above!